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  • Tomaz

    Reply Reply January 7, 2023

    Just added one video on the “Being Loose” misconception. We want a loose arm and wrist throughout the backswing phase but not when we actually accelerate into pronation. Check this video article too:

  • Vincent Arnaud

    Reply Reply May 14, 2023

    Very interesting. Thank you for adding it to the module’s course.

  • Juan Macias

    Reply Reply February 18, 2024

    Hello Tomaz,

    I’m afraid I can’t watch or download this video (The “Being Loose” Clarification).

    The same happens with the following videos recently added to your courses:
    Topspin Swing Path Explanation (2nd serve)
    When Backswing Is Too Big (fh)
    Biomechanical Backhand (bh)
    5 Tips For Better Ball Control (bh)

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dan

    Reply Reply March 22, 2024

    Hi Tomaz, its taken me 59 years, and of course your instruction, to have a serve I like. I’m getting trajectory, aim, some reasonable power. How can i get more power? In this video you explain the muscle comes in at the pronation and thats definitely my expereince. The more I practice hitting hard or fast at the pronation step the faster my serve. If i stop practicing hitting hard at the pronation step for a while, my serve is less fast. How can I develop those pronation muscles aside from pronation exercises with and without the ball. Is there a way tennis players use by adding a little weight somehow? Thanks Dan

    • Tomaz

      Reply Reply March 24, 2024

      Great to hear you’re on the right track, Dan!

      How to get more power on the serve is a bit beyond the scope of this course because you need a conditioning expert to work on different muscle groups.

      Maximum power comes from connecting many body parts where EACH generates its own contribution to the final power.

      Legs are the key because legs INITIATE the energy upward. The more explosive the legs drive upwards, the FASTER the “wave of energy” moves upwards.

      If that wave is fast, then other body parts can “ride it”, like in surfing.

      Then comes very explosive hip rotation and upward drive of the hips, core rotation that pulls the shoulders around and then the arm works.

      LEGS -> HIPS -> CORE -> UPPER BODY -> SHOULDER (to move arm) -> PRONATION (to move forarm) – WRIST

      So to get more power on the serve you need to do exercises for EACH of the body part that works in the kinetic chain PLUS exercises that CONNECT all body parts together (mostly throwing).

      I do hope to create a course on that but I need a tennis conditioning expert to help me put together the exercises.

      The simplest plan at the moment is this:

      – make sure you are really well warmed up so that you don’t injure yourself and do not do any drill at 100% effort at first.

      – do everything at 75% effort

      – throw 2kg medicine ball into the ball while trying to engage the whole body, from legs to arms – maybe 3-4 sets of 10-15 throws –
      – throw 0.5kg medicine ball as far as you can – 20-30 throws – these ones are perfect:
      – throw old rackets upward at 45 degree angle, use whole body – 20-30 throws
      -smack some balls with pronation over the fence from outside the court:

      Repeat twice a week, wait 2 months, observe the results. Make sure to listen to your body for any signals of pain or injury and if there is a signal, immediately back off and stop.

      Wait a few days until you don’t feel anything, then do exercises again but at lower intensity, maybe at 60%. Progress slowly, always listening to your body.

  • Dan

    Reply Reply March 24, 2024

    Very good, thank you, this makes a lot of sense. Fun for the summer once this rain stops !

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