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  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply October 11, 2023

    When you have wrist extension on the take back do you bring it back to neutral when hitting towards the ball or suppose to keep it extended? I notice that when I try to keep it extended it’s a little harder to aim.

    • Tomaz

      Reply Reply October 11, 2023

      So the theoretical answer is that on easy balls the wrist comes into neutral and even into adduction (wrist towards pinky finger). If the incoming ball and situation are more difficult then the wrist just stays firm in extension.

      The reason I say “theoretical” is because you won’t be able to make a conscious choice what exactly to do with a wrist while playing.

      So this answer is first more for a peace of mind so that you know what is going on.

      The only real way to consciously practice this is to receive first nice balls from basket or ball machine and hit 30-50 volleys by consciously allowing the wrist / hand to extend into neutral and see how that feels and what kind of ball control you have.

      Then you receive 30-50 faster and more difficult balls and you control the wrist more and see how that works.

      But in reality these minute differences in wrist action need to develop subconsciously through drills.

  • James Vo

    Reply Reply October 20, 2023

    I understand. Thank you

  • Tai Chan

    Reply Reply December 14, 2023

    Hi Tomaz, when I received a heavy slice ball with my backhand volley, most of time I hit the ball into the net. I suppose this is due to the heavy back spin on a slice ball. What should I do to avoid the problem?

    • Tomaz

      Reply Reply December 14, 2023

      Hi Tai,

      Good questions, this is one of the topics I plan to record in the future.

      The short answer is that you need to apply a lot of slice yourself on the volley when you receive a slice incoming ball.

      And you need to watch the ball really well because it has a slightly different trajectory than a flatter or a topspin incoming ball as you may hit the frame many times if you don’t really pay attention.

      • Tai Chan

        Reply Reply December 16, 2023

        Thanks Tomaz. Will take your advice and practice it.

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